Feature Request: Allow riders to opt-out of wearing KOM/segment jerseys

When you claim a KOM/QOM in one of the special segments in Zwift, you get awarded with a jersey specific to that segment - visually you get a jersey icon next to your name, and you are also forced to go through an outfit change to wear the jersey.

I’m absolutely sure this is welcome most of the time, to most people. However personally it would be nice to be able to opt-out of wearing the jersey. Sometimes I haven’t really earned it, I’ve just got it because I’ve been in a fast bunch drafting stronger riders and there’s few if any other female riders around. And sometimes (the fugit jersey is an example) the jersey is just so darn ugly that I’d simply rather not wear it - I’m definitely not alone in loving to play “dress up” with my avatar, or else Zwift wouldn’t offer so many jerseys and socks and headgear (and they wouldn’t be so popular). Its just annoying sometimes to have to wear an ugly jersey that I don’t want and I didn’t really earn fairly.

As I say, I’m sure that most people love the jerseys most of the time, and that’s fine! :slight_smile: - but being able to “opt out” would be a lovely feature if possible.