Crazy leaderboard bug today

Riding Wattopia on Feb 23. I took a hard ride on the volcano circuit and ended up second by a good margin (20-30 seconds). I did a few more laps then moved over to the hilly loop. I took a shot at KOM and again placed second. The rider at the top of the leaderboard logged off and I inherited the KOM jersey 2-3 minutes later. I took it easy on the rest of the circuit. Coming up to the sprint by the Villas, the leaderboard was completely blank, although there were 2500+ riders on Wattopia. I didn’t contest the sprint, and trundled through in 36 seconds - and was given the green jersey! Same thing happened when I came around to finish the hilly loop - the leaderboard was blank, and I was given the orange Hilly Loop jersey with a very pedestrian time of 17 min! I rode another 10km wearing the triple KOM/Sprint/Orange jersey, during which time I’m sure that many would have beat my “sprint” and orange jersey time, but they never left my back.

Any one ever seen something like this? I did deserve the KOM jersey, but the other two were clearly a major bug issue…

Hi Troy,

Did riders disappear from the route in addition to the leaderboards blanking out? If so, you may consider giving this article a read, as it may apply to your situation.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

I’m running Zwift on an Apple TV 4k, connected by hardwired ethernet to a gigabit fibre connection - I’ve never had connection issues. When I had this particular issue happen, there were lots of riders around, and non disappeared or acted strangely, the leaderboards just came up empty as I approached the start line.

I won the Sprint Jersey outright today on Wattopia, and although the green jersey was on my avatar, it was not beside my name on the board. I could see the other riders who had the other jerseys on the board.

Hi Troy,

I checked through our known issues and bugs, and yes, what you encountered does look like a bug that’s been reported to our team before. While there isn’t a workaround for this issue yet, the fix will come from our end, so all you should have to do is keep your game client updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift.

Thanks - I’m also noticing an issue with jerseys and the companion app (iOS). Several times my companion app, when reviewing my activities, has shown be being awarded a jersey when I did not earn one on that particular ride. Conversely, I got a sprint jersey today, wore it for ~20 min and took a photo, but the companion app is not showing that I had the green jersey. Jersey tracking seems to be totally busted!

Is there a fix on this yet? Most races / rides that I do I don’t see anyone else on the sprint / KOM leaderboards, and after the ride and in the companion app it will show “you took the spirit jersey” etc. I definitely am not going fast enough to do this. I don’t usually experience drop outs or all the riders disappearing mid-ride as others have compainled of before.

I’m so used to seeing blank leaderboards that I’d forgotten it was a think until after today’s race (DIRT DADurday Chase) someone uploaded a video of the whole thing and there was a legit sprint leaderboard!

Is it one of the “you need to open ports on your router” type issues?

AppleTV 4K in case that’s makes a difference.