No jersey from event

Taken from description…Welcome to the Human Powered Health™ Earth Day Ride powered by Thorne!
We’re celebrating the power of the bike and how pedal power can contribute towards a healthier population and planet.

The Human Powered Health Zwift fan jersey will also be unlocked by every user who joins this special ride. This 45-minute social spin led by breakaway artist supreme Stephen Bassett, will be held on the Neon Flats course on Makuri Islands and features a special giveaway…

No jersey received.

Missing unlocks can often be manually credited by our support team if you reach out to us through our widget. If you come prepared with a link to the event you joined it makes it a bit easier for us to check on the event

Will not let me post a link but it was the

HPH Ride p/b Thorne

Friday 17:00 UK time

Thank you

FWIW, sometimes I’ve noted kits don’t unlock until you stop the ride, save, exit, followed by restarting the game and starting another ride.

Do that and you’ll know instantly if that was the trigger - the orange unlock banner will appear and chime at you the moment you start the new ride. (failing that, yep, support ticket)

Good catch. Most participation or multi-stage unlocks require that full restart to trigger as they aren’t tied to the event finish

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Same for me.
Had to put up with rubber band for 45 minutes and no jersey unlock.
Not after the event, not on next ride 2 days later.

I have logged out as I have completed 4 more events since that one on the 22/23/24 April. I received jerseys from levelling up during this time but no event jersey.

Jersey Unlock isn’t turned on for this event - it should be, sorry.

I’ve flagged with our team.

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Thank you.

Thank you James.
Does this mean you will get it retroactively?

Hi Xavier.

Yes, we’ve requested for all riders who completed the event to receive the jersey. Give us a few days.

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any progress here?

Pretty sure I received mine not long after this thread started.

Just clicked on all 173 kits in my garage, and I still don’t see it unfortunately