Customise Jersey

Hi guys

For some reason whenever I customise my jersey it reverts back to the Zwift jersey when I go back to the “game” 

Is there a fix available for this ?


I’m sorry to hear that Stuart!

When you make the changes to your jersey, how are you exiting the customization screen? If you hit esc, it will take you back to the game without saving your changes. If you are hitting the Done button at the bottom of the menu, do you see it change state (turn into a working circle)?

Hi Lindsay

I’m saving with the done button and getting the working circle. The jersey is applied to my avatar but if I go back to any menu after this then I default to the zwift jersey.

It also doesn’t remember jersey for the next time I play. The same things also happens when I have applied the jersey but then use the “p” function to enter the blebeta code, it goes back to zwift jersey.

No big deal, just a bit annoying. 


I see the same behaviour when using BLE but as BLE is still Beta I think that is the intended effect.

That’s a great find on the BLEBETA code, and definitely not as intended, thank you!

As far as the other issues are concerned, Stuart, that is some highly unexpected behaviour, and not something we’ve see here in the office. I’m going to do some investigating on my end to see if we can work this issue out. I’ll update you when I have more information.


I am getting the exact same problem. Every time I join the game only my jersey is reset back to the Zwift default jersey (the rest of my customizations remain intact). It is annoying to have to update my customization settings every time I start a ride.

Hi Anthony - 

We’ve discovered the root cause of this problem, but are still working on getting fixes shipped for each individual jersey.

Which jersey specifically are you having to re-equip each ride?

Dimension Data shirt for me. Thanks.

The same problem for me with the Dimension Data jersey. Along came also the known problem with the Helmut=no hair to my avatar as well.