Jersey defaults, menu and power data issues.

  • Thought I’d post this if anybody else had issues on Zwift today. You’re not alone - LOL
  • Today Zwift suffered some strange ‘issues’ like jersey’s changing to default and avatar stopping to take in the scenery when my own system clearly shows I’m pushing plenty of watts and cadence. Coming down the Watopia mountain today my screen displayed the data from the Hilly Loop!
  • There was other unusual stuff happening, but you get where I’m going :slight_smile:

Ride On (if you can)!   :)

Hi Paul,

We’ve had no server issues today and everything looks to be working properly on our end. Sounds like it might be a localized issue. Would you like us to open a ticket with you so we can try and figure out what’s happening?

Thanks Eric

Yes, would appreciate the official help.

I am right now uploading a couple of video recordings (over-night) that show the problems. Soon as they’re up I’ll drop a link here for you to see.

A couple of these issues I have never had before which was my reason for the post.

Thanks again.

Paul, you are not alone. I experienced the jersey reset issue when cycling yesterday. I was coming to the end of my workout and suddenly I was in the default jersey, as were a group of riders around me (not all).

I haven’t experienced any of the other issues you mentioned, although I have seen some other riders parked in strange placed taking in the scenery, legs spinning like crazy while at a standstill.

Yes, noticed the jersey, but no other things.

@Eric C

Hello Good Guys at Zwift,

The issues I experienced yesterday, seems the jersey item was not just me :slight_smile:

This one shows a climb to the radio-tower where my avatar appears to take a break: 3:13 and 4:35, on the descent the ‘Hilly Loop’ data appears in place of the ‘KOM’ data 7:35  - Note the ‘Wahooligan’ jersey. 

This video of the same ride shows the jersey swap: 

This one has a few jersey ‘jumps’ from the correct sprint green to the ‘default’ and not my chosen ‘Wahoo’ kit. It also has a few other jersey stuff but clearly that’s already been demonstrated with other comments here.  :slight_smile: 

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m just pointin’ out stuff, I still think Zwift is bl**dy brilliant and couldn’t see myself ever going back to regular turbo training.

Ride On!