Why no Holiday Hats this New Years Day?

Really was looking forward to adding another hat to my photo collection…

Probably the same reason why no Christmas Jerseys either.

Now we wait to see if they will continue with April fools day or not? It’s a shame they stopped these fun traditions. As silly as it seems, I look forward to them every year.


There was a Christmas jumper run with Eric.

It can be worn all year round.

The rest of that post is " saved enough pennies to bring in a little surprise to see in the New Year."

Did anything come of that New Year surprise? Or is that just the usual Zwift promise?


The new year is 365 days long so there’s plenty of time.

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Trying to be positive for 2022 and so will wait out until the end of January before deciding if this turns out to be an empty promise or not.

No surprises so far.