Zwift window and bumper stickers?

Anyone think it’d be cool to have Zwift and/or Ride On bumper/window stickers for those of us who are forced to drive vehicles but want to identify with other users? I’d put both on my car if they were available!

They used sell them in the Zwift Store and maybe someday they will return


Thanks Paul. Good to know!

@Tracey_Foley_CRYO-GE There are some stickers made by community members on redbubble. Check them out. Zwift Stickers for Sale | Redbubble

Thank you! Ive already placed an order! Good stuff!

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Wish they’d bring these back! I think they have so many promotions and events that these small swag items could be a fun way to celebrate/ thank riders for joining. Shipping would be dirt cheap as well!

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Have a look on eBay. I found some there last year.

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I have been looking for a while - no Zwift stickers to be seen anywhere - I can only think that the big Z has had a word with people making them.
A bit silly - they could sell their own and make cash - but they’re not. No idea why.

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I’m sure you could find someone doing custom vinyl stickers, either locally or online. :wink: