On-screen full island road map showing current location dot

I still find it hard to visualize in my head exactly where I’m at on island when not in an outer area like the epic KOM and volcano.

Why not have a small map on screen which shows an overhead view of the whole island and where your dot is currently riding. Similar to the elevation profile view with the moving dot, this would be a top-down view showing the roads and relative current location.

this has been asked: Here are a few with suggestions.






You beat me to it, but here is a quick search: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=Screen+map&commit=Search


This is the first time I beat you to it… :) 


I also heard a little bird saying that it is cumming to the Mobile link App.

also Zwift gps was updated today.


Thanks for the links, clearly this is a popular ongoing request, surprised that even the zwifthack version is not yet implemented.

I heard that the feature is coming to the Zwift Mobile Link also.

I also heard that they are putting a search function on the forums… LOL :slight_smile:

yeah Paul I got it

I’ve been using ZwiftMap, and it works well,


 it puts a map in a transparent window on top of Zwift, and the window can be resized.  You leave the app controller running in the background, and the map remains displayed. The map has a rudimentary elevation indicator (the map slightly changes from orange to whitish-orange as elevation increases).  It shows your location on the course, as well as the locations of any riders you follow.

Thanks Doug, ZwiftMap is definitely the right idea.

Hoping the devs see the public support of ZwiftMap and reasonably conclude that there is demand for the feature.