Live Course Map On-Screen

I would like to see a small representation of the map in the lower left (available screen space) with a blip that shows where I am.  This way, I can tell when a turn is coming up and decide whether or not I’m up for any specific challenges associated with making those turns.  Such a map representation should show all available routes, with possibly the selected route glowing.

I agree, this would be a useful feature - although screen real-estate might be an issue for some PC resolutions etc. Perhaps a keyboard activated option e.g. press “R” to show the current “route” - as a semi-transparent screen overlay.

I was thinking the same thing today, lower right corners, your could even make it where you could toggle is on and off.

I’ve been using Zwiftmap to put a map on Zwift.   It works pretty well.  I would like to see it native in the Zwift app.

Been suggested many times, make sure you vote up the existing request so Zwift knows what the users want.

Yes very important