Opening Up the Handful of Gravel Route

The only running badge I still lack is the Handful of Gravel route. It’s event-only, and I missed it during last year’s ToW. Since then, I have seen less than a dozen events with this route in ZwiftHacks. There are currently none scheduled. Can we open up the route for meetups? Or Clubs? Or to the general public? It’s bugging the he!! out of me and has been for a year now. I was hoping this year’s ToW would include it, but Stage 4 is a different jungle route.

@Justin_Farishon Take a look at the Run in the Park events on Saturday as they are on the Handful of Gravel this week.


Thank you for sharing this. I had the exact same thoughts as the OP. I can finally check this off.


Thank you, Jon. I wonder why it doesn’t show up in ZwiftHacks? I don’t often run on Zwift on Saturdays, so maybe that’s why I’ve missed it if it’s happened before.

They are there: Events

@Justin_Farishon you’re welcome :+1:.

I changed the route when i saw your post so it wouldn’t have shown up a few days ago. If you can’t make it look out for the ‘Bag that badge’ runs that rotate through the badge routes as well.

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