Routes and badges

Can we PLEASE get more running routes. Zwift dedicates a lot of designs to riding, but there are many subscribers that run. I would like to see far more training workouts. PLEASE create blue, green, yellow, and red workout categories for running like the bike training workouts. Please reply if you agree. I hope Zwift is listening.

I hope that Zwift is able to continue to improve both running and cycling.
Today though, I don’t believe there are any paid subscribers for running.
Perhaps that may be the next step for Zwift.
I don’t run on Zwift but I think its a great asset to develop.
But to be honest, there is so much low hanging fruit that Zwift could fix to significantly improve everone’s experience, it baffles the mind why they continue to ignore almost all of it and develop things that no one seemed to ask for.

Totally agree. This has been requested many, many times before, but it can’t be done enough.