More running route badges needed

Given that every official bike route has a badge that can be earned, why not offer more running route badges? Right now there are only about 10 running badges that can be earned, which seems to limit the incentive to push ourselves to explore routes and run longer distances.

I recognize some bike routes are 20+ miles, but what is the harm in offering up longer distance challenges to runners? If the tech work behind badges is already in existence, seems like an easy feature “win” for runners…


If I’m not mistaken, all routes badges can be earned by running.

Unfortunately no. Only about 10 exist. Sad. :frowning:

Yep for sure it’s much needed. Hopefully the dismissal of some of the Zwift staff (I think vp for running was one?? ) won’t affect the growth of the Zwift running platform.

Agree and would be nice to have a virtual route to work on over multiple runs, like the Tour of California or Tour of Italy trackers for cycling.