More Route Achievements for Runners

The introduction of Route Achievements on Zwift seems to be a success. A lot of people like to have goals to chase and the beauty of these achievements is that you can work them into your regular training.

So why do runners only have 10 of them, for the running-only routes in Watopia and New York? I mean, sure, some of the cycling routes are very long, but a lot of them would be perfectly reasonable for most runners to complete, and honestly some runners would probably complete them all just for the extreme challenge. Why not make all route achievements available to runners as well?

I think it’s just the beginning for running. Zwift is still building out the running platform so the fact we have that many achievements so soon is already a bonus. As more routes become available for running more badges will most likely be created.

It’s true that Zwift Running is still growing. But what I’m saying is that making all the Route Achievements available to runners will add further incentive for runners to log in more and stick around longer while the Zwift folks implement more content. For users, it’s about having more things to do (and/or level up faster) and for Zwift it’s about building and keeping a big user base.

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