Badges Overview (Missing Routes)

Hi Folks,

at the Badges Overview i see the following Achievements:

  • Generell Achievements
  • Running Achievements
  • Route Achievements

At the Route Achievements i only see the Achievements for Watopia. Non of the other Routes, like NYC or London, etc.

Can me help anyone ? How can i solve the Problem ?

Greetings Oliver

Seems there are only 11 run-specific badges?

The only places with run-specific routes are NY and Watopia.
Weirdly enough, those are the only ones you get credited for when you run. You can run anywhere, you can complete (multi-use) routes you haven’t done before - but you only get credit for those badges if you cycle them. I’ve tried!

In your list you do have both Watopia and NY routes - Couch to Sky, Hudson Roll, Shuman trail, Park to Peak are all in NY.

Ah Ok. Thats explains it.

It’s Sad, thats only these Courses for Runners gives XP.

I got a Carbon Racing Bicyle but it’s to expensive to buy all the Equipment for Zwift.