Ideas for improvements: running

I’ve been running on Zwift regularly for about a year now. I also cycle but I enjoy running more. I’ve noticed that cycling in Zwift gets regular updates and improvements while us runners generally get left in the dark and/or new features don’t work the same for us.
I understand zwift was always a Cycling thing and that’s the majority of their users but it would be nice to see a boost for us runners. I’ve gradually been making a list of things I would love to be considered in upcoming updates:

• regularly having my first person view running through barriers/off pathways. For example, in the caves through the jungle, you are ‘levitating’ off the path and feel like you’re running over water and through the rope barriers. Need to allow runners to be running on path correctly.

• allow runners to start further into a route (including for workouts). I’ve started every route across all worlds at this point but I often can’t make it far enough to experience all that route has to offer. For example, I will run Alpe Due Zwift, spend the first 3kms just running through basic boring landscape, the next 3 running through the same jungle area and by the time I get to the alps- I’m 15kms in and finished my run before I even get to experience the peak. This method might work for cyclists but runners can’t get as far and it would be nice to allow us to ‘drop’ anywhere on a map or route to begin.

• more achievements and challenges for runners

• more routes less than 10km to complete specifically for runners

• more off road runners only areas (LOVE the hidden track through the national park. Best thing I’ve ever discovered)

• PLEASE create an option for long pants/tights for runners (female here). Bonus points for sports bra only outfits too.

• when you run, you move through the environments at a slower speed than cyclists. As such, you notice things more. For example- when running through Makuri Islands, you can see at different locations on the map parts of a giant robot being repaired, transported and assembled but I would love to see the full thing built in action somewhere (fun Easter egg).

• change ‘ride on’ to ‘run on’ (or similar) for runners

• new loading screen text has just been introduced but it seems to only be targeted for cyclists (eg, ‘your chain needs some lubing’). Please make relatable for runners too (perhaps, ‘your laces need lacing’).

These are just some things I’ve thought about while on long runs. I receive the weekly emails about what’s happening but I never get to see much in the way for runners which is a let down.

Please add anything you would love to see added, updated or fixed from Zwift run too below : )

Would love a dev to see this and implement some of the suggestions!