Feedback from a Zwift Newbie Runner

Hi all,

Just finished my first month of Zwift Run and wanted to share my initial feedback (not sure if this is the right place or if my post should rather go into ‘Feature Requests’).

My first impressions are super positive, love the workout plans and as a competitive person I really like the computer game atmosphere while running, BUT there are a couple of things I would love to see in the future.

There is sooo much potential for statistics/data or additional features - as I bet most Zwift users are into numbers and details as most of them probably wouldn’t use a service like this :wink:

  • option to look at past runs’ details int eh android or Windows app (can only find that on; the apps then on the other hand show your best 400/800m/1km/1mi - which is not available through This data should be available in both - the apps and the webpage

  • there could be so much more cool/interesting data: best times for longer distances, best ever km pace, longest run ever, fastest run ever

  • a ghost function would be cool to run against my personal best or someone else’s PB

  • would love to see way more workout plans for different total distances, different paces, intervals etc. + ideally there should be an option to create your own customized workout/training plan

  • option to listen to music (your own mp3s or e.g. spotify connection etc.), users always need to have multiple apps active which is tricky for tv users

  • an app for the main smart TV brands or for Amazon Fire TV would be sweet

Super happy to hear your feedback & comments to my points, and I will now continue reading other interesting thread in this forum.

Cheers and keep running,

+1 for running against a shadow of yourself. My garmin watch has a virtual pacer and it is super helpful outside. Would be great on Zwift. Usually I can find great pacers in group run events but not all the time

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