New Zwift Runner Thoughts and feature request

Hello I am an avid runner. I am now starting to do more running with zwift.

A few thoughts, i use my iPhone 8 Plus to zwift currently, and it is pretty awesome. Graphics are pretty darn good, and frame rate is flawless. I’m looking at getting an Apple TV, but hoping they release an Apple TV 6.

It would be great if I could have a remote start option through the companion app. So for example I usually set my phone up, with the HDMI adapter, sync my Stryd footpod and HR armband. Then get on the treadmill and start running. It would be cool if I could in way restart the run or distance recording, with the companion app, so there isn’t a minute or 30 seconds of no running while I’m getting setup and ready on the treadmill. Which throws off my splits. Not a big deal but would be cool.

Also I’m a Stryd user so, I know on the Stryd side of things they are working on an auto elevation detection.

I think it would be really cool, if you could set the elevation incline percent through the app, and that increases your power output, and also tracks your elevation gain.

I’m the Stryd app this is possible.

Also it would be really awesome if the power from my Stryd would be displayed alongside my HR or pace, as this is actually my main running metric these days. So currently to get my power metrics to power Center and final surge I also record the run on my watch. At the end of the run, I use the zwift version in strava. But use my garmin version for power Center and final surge. And then delete my duplicate garmin version strava run. Hope that makes sense.

Thoughts on zwift!! Awesome very immersive! I love it. And I’m going to get my wife into it as well.

This can be done. Someone posted a “hack” (hate that work, it’s over used) that can display your Stryd Power. I don’t remember if it only works on some platforms.

Found this in the Facebook Zwift Runners Group:

James Rees shared a link.

Conversation Starter · September 21 at 5:48 AM

Spare some Beta testers for an app I built this week?

It is an app that shows your watts from a Stryd power meter over Zwift.

See the video of it briefly in action.

Steps to get it to work:

  1. Download using the link below and extract the app anywhere by double-clicking the zip file

  2. Launch the extracted app named ‘Stryd on Zwift’

  3. Open Zwift

  4. Connect your Stryd to the Zwift app through the Zwift Companion App

  5. Go for a run!

You can position it anywhere by dragging the window with your mouse.

It works for me, but I’m testing under specific conditions and want to test it in the wild to ensure it does indeed work for everyone else.

Currently only available to Mac users, but will be working on a Windows version soon if the Mac version works!

Any other feedback welcomed! (Resize window, larger/smaller font size, other Stryd values, etc)



Hi Paul, yes I did see that. But it only works for Mac. I use my iPhone. Plus, like you said it’s like a hack, or a 3rd party add on, it would be great to see Zwift properly support this feature. And embrace power for runners. But thanks for the reply.

The link to download the file is no longer active. Can someone share it again.