New runner in zwift, confused on accesories and how to set it up


So just today i have a Forerunner 955.

I went on my first trip on zwift today, and noticed some errors on what zwift was reporting in terms of speed and what the threadmill was reporting. Now, many questions

  1. I didnt choose virtual run, because i read somewhere that zwift run will automaticly sync to garmin, and it did. I just paired the watch, and started running, didnt do anything on the watch. If i choose virtual run, should i then start the watch alongside zwift. Wouldnt i then get double reports for that activity, one virtual run and one from zwift?

  2. I thought about buying the stryd footpod. Now i get even more confused. Stryd uses watt for running. How am i supposed to setup actitives so atleast my garmin data has watt in teh saved activity that goes on Strava? Should i just disable Strava reporting from Zwift and just upload the garmin virtual run?

Sorry if im not making sense. I just want the best sync, and how stryd, garmin, and zwift should work together.

What treadmill are you on? Does it connect directly to zwift (via companion app) and report pace & cadence? If so you don’t need anything else.

not it does not, its therefor im wondering about getting a footpod

I think i will remove the connection between Zwift → Garmin and just use

Zwift → Strava
Garmin → Strava

If i get duplicateas i just have to delete it. Is this what people do, or am i just dumb

I’ve used a few different devices for Zwift running. The virtual run profile should transmit your speed to Zwift. When you finish your Zwift run, I would save the Zwift run and delete the Garmin run. I’m not sure you even have to start the virtual run activity to have it transmit the speed.

This article has some great information: Garmin Adds Bluetooth Heart Rate & Running Data Broadcasting for FR245/FR945 | DC Rainmaker


Hm thats exactly what i did today, i just paired the watch and started running, my question is what happens with all the data from the stryd pod that isnt supported in zwift if it deletes the garmin run

stryd collects, watt, vertical oscillation, stride length etc etc.

the article you linked was the one i read before i decided not to use vertical run for my first run. But seems i am missing a lot of data.

Ah, I think I understand better now. So you do want the data from the Stryd Pod?

Yeah, Zwift and Garmin don’t integrate perfectly.

If you sync Zwift to Garmin, you end up with a perfect map of where you went, time distance, whatever was logged in Zwift shows up - but generally you’ll be missing a lot of physiological metrics.

My preference is to double record without having Zwift sync the activity to Garmin Connect.

I make some screen caps of the map and activity summary in Zwift, then SAVE the activity directly on my Garmin device. (a watch or Edge bike computer) I’ll upload the screen caps and manually edit anything Garmin got wrong. (usually distance and elevation)

All you’ll be giving up in Garmin Connect is the lovely pan/zoom map of where you went virtually - all the physio metrics (training effect, training load etc) will be in Garmin. I usually change the title of the Garmin saved activity to match what I did. (Zwift Pace Partner Diesel, Watopia)

I haven’t used a Stryd footpod. With other footpods, you can use the data from them in lieu of the watch’s built in accelerometer - just add the Stryd to your Garmin watch as a sensor. Ostensibly, the footpod will be more accurate.

yes, this article says the following, or wait i cant post links, if you google
I run with Zwift. Can I get my data in PowerCenter?

It will say on the bottom of the support page.

" 1. If you have a Garmin sports watch, you can run with the Zwift app and watch at the same time. Garmin data can flow automatically into PowerCenter."

I dont know exactly what they mean by, you can with the zwift app and watch at the same time.

Another question here, i guess they mean i need to log a threadmill run along with running in swift, if i want to keep stryd data.

My understanding is that the best way to get all of your data is to:

  • Record your running data with your Garmin while you have Zwift running

  • Pair your Garmin to Zwift to get speed, cadence, hr, etc

  • Once you finish running, save both activities. The Garmin activity will then save to Stryd with all of your power data. In Garmin Connect, you can delete the Zwift activity.


when you say

" * Record your running data with your Garmin while you have Zwift running"

Do you mean just selecting a threadmil activity or virtual run, or doesnt it matter what kind of activity i choose?

When in virtual running mode, can you pair the stryd pod and get power data?

Yes, can see Power data in Virtual run.

Ok. Use the virtual run mode. Use it to record your run and broadcast to Zwift at the same time.

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ok thank you, will try it tomorrow

Not sure if you have found the solution since last post, but just wanted to remind that in order to get the activities in PowerCenter, you need to ensure that you have added the Data Field in the activity beforehand, otherwise it won’t work. Zwift seeing power from Stryd doesn’t mean Garmin and PowerCenter will. The datafiled must be added in every activity you wish to use the Stryd with.

On my side, I am double recording. I always record a Garmin Treadmill activity which I start exactly when the Zwift counter starts. It will post only the Zwift activity on Strava, but will post the Garmin activity in PowerCenter. Garmin will have 2 different records but this I don’t care.

Also, in order to have the GPS trace from Zwift into your Garmin activity, the only way is to merge both fit files with FFRT, and then reupload the fit file in Garmin Connect. That way you can have all the data from Garmin (Training Effect, VO2max and whatnot) and the trace. Works also of course for riding :wink: