Stryd, Forerunner 745, Runcline setup?

Hi there,
What is the best way to record my runs? I own a Stryd footpod, a Garmin Forerunner 745, I have Runcline and use Zwift with a PC.
I want to have 1 file with the correct threadmill speed and distance and the according power values.
Do I use the Stryd as my speed source (after zwift callibration of the footpod)?
Do I record my run on the Garmin watch paired with the footpod?
Do I use Runcline to get my threadmill speed to Zwift and record the power on my watch?

Tx !!


Of all the options you’ve suggested the Stryd wins hands down.

It will record pace, cadence, distance and power. You can connect it directly to Zwift. This will only show limited data however. If you pair it to your Forerunner watch it will record the additional metrics and send these to Garmin Connect / Strava.

You can also connect your watch directly to Zwift using the Virtual Run option but this probably won’t be accurate and certainly not as accurate as your Stryd. You can calibrate it over time but it will still be out.

Use the Stryd, it’s by far the best option.

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Agreed 100%.