record run power from stryd

(frank Andreasen.VTri[DBR](D)) #1

we used to be able to pair stryd pod as a powermeter in cyclingmode and then switch to run mode and the powerdata would be recorded in the .fit file and synced to other platforms but suddenly it doesnt work anymore…
please bring that feature back or a pairing tab for run power in run mode (doesnt matter if there will be visible power as long as it is recorded)
this will be a great incentive for all Stryd users to get into Zwift and also a gret tool for triathletes


(Vincent W.) #2

To be fair this was never an “officially” supported way to record power for Run (although we didn’t mind). We are still on the fence about including power in Run in general. So as I receive new updates on these decisions I will let you all know! 

(Liz Mackevicius) #3

Hi - Can I ask why you are on the fence about including Power in run mode? I train using power zones, and use power for racing strategy and find it to be hugely beneficial. Would be great if I could see W on the run screen so I can use it for workouts.