Running with Stryd power weird wkg result in zwiftpower ranking

I have been running with Stryd for a while and seems to work ok inside zwiftpower result until recently.

Looks like only average watt is accurate (and same as garmin and stryd power center, but 20m, 10m, 5m, etc. w/kg seems to messed up. In addition everyone now seems to have power number (how you calculate that without power source??) and I don’t believe everyone use stryd or some kind of power meter for running, and lots of faster guy in leaderboard have lower power number than me that finish 75% last, that’s weird. I trust my power number as it’s not far off to my cycling FTP and correlation with power vs. HR. I like old style better, show power only who has stryd pod. Sound simple and works.


How do you pair your Stryd as power source? Am running with Stryd, but the unfiltered results still show ZP as power source?