Integrate with Stryd PowerCenter

I am a Stryd user and recently tried my first Zwift Run. I used the trick to pair the Stryd as a Power Meter before going into run mode and it correctly recorded power. The only problem is that my data didn’t end up in Stryd PowerCenter. I assumed that since I am also syncing with Garmin Connect that it would then be pushed to Stryd PowerCenter.

It would be awesome if Zwift could submit the data to Stryd PowerCenter directly. This would be really useful because I like to analyze my running data in Stryd PowerCenter and I do a mix of indoor and outdoor runs and don’t want to miss anything as they measure the cumulative effects of running.


Peter, what happens if you download the .FIT file from either and/or from Garmin and upload to Stryd directly in the power center upload

Does the power data show up properly? That would at least be a useful short term fix; if we’re correctly recording the power data to the FIT file as I think we are, then there’s no reason you can’t just do a manual upload of that FIT file.

You can grab the FIT file from any workout in by clicking the “Download” link in each workout tile.

Hey Peter,

since Stryd Power Center only “pulls” the data form Garmin and Suunto and “pushes” to Strava and Traningpeaks etc., there is no other way, as downloading the .fit file, i for myself load them from Trainingpeaks for example… 

…could you explain, step by step, how you made Zwift displaying your running power? 


Thank you, 


Greetings Thomas

Thomas, at the pairing screen, just toggle back to bike mode, pair the Stryd as a CYCLING POWERMETER, then switch back to run mode and enter the game. If you pair the Stryd as a cycling pwoermeter, we’ll log the wattage data in the FIT file we generate. 

Does that make sense?

Hey Jordan,


thank you for your response, is there any chance to view the actual wattage while running?


Thank you in advance,


Greetings Thomas

Thomas, unfortunately not currently. But certainly something we can consider for the future. Best, Jordan

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