Support of Power in Zwift Run using Stryd Foodpod

(Christian Wirbka) #1


as I use a Stryd Foodpod for Zwift Running and therefore would like to perform my running power based it would be very beneficial if you could support power within Zwift Running in a similar way as you do if I use my smart trainer in Zwift Bike.


(Kit Mitchell) #2

I second this. I just bought a Stryd power footpod and it would be good to be able to see my power in real time rather than merely as an average after my ‘run’.

NB: My ‘run’ is anyone else’s ‘medium to slow walk’

(Bulkan Slow) #3

if you second it please add the vote!!!

(Kit Mitchell) #4

Okay ‘Mister Exclamation Mark’, I did.

By the way, it’s no substitute but I noticed - when looking at the list of current Zwifters - it shows my w/kg while I’m running (or ‘walking slowly’ in my case). It’s weird to show it in that list but not have the Wattage available on the main workout page.