Support of Power in Zwift Run using Stryd Foodpod


as I use a Stryd Foodpod for Zwift Running and therefore would like to perform my running power based it would be very beneficial if you could support power within Zwift Running in a similar way as you do if I use my smart trainer in Zwift Bike.


I second this. I just bought a Stryd power footpod and it would be good to be able to see my power in real time rather than merely as an average after my ‘run’.

NB: My ‘run’ is anyone else’s ‘medium to slow walk’


if you second it please add the vote!!!

Okay ‘Mister Exclamation Mark’, I did.

By the way, it’s no substitute but I noticed - when looking at the list of current Zwifters - it shows my w/kg while I’m running (or ‘walking slowly’ in my case). It’s weird to show it in that list but not have the Wattage available on the main workout page.

I very strongly agree. I do almost all my runs based on power from the Stryd. I am thus forced to use a different device. While we are at it, we need to have an easier way to create run workouts and to upload runs workouts from trainingpeaks.


It’s looks like 99% of the code to support Stryd running power is already there. When you run the switchbacks on Alps du Zwift the section panel appears (likely a bug). It records your section stats which include running power from your Stryd foot pod. So, Zwift is definitely receiving and properly decoding the run power values from Stryd. It just doesn’t display them in the pace/hr panel yet.


Only reason to drop $200 on this footpod is for power based training.

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Has anybody heard an update on this feature request? Viewing run power in game will be a great day if/when it comes.


Hello Todd,

no, I did not receive any update on this feature request up to now.


Chiming in to support this request … just dropped $200 on a Stryd unit for the sole purpose of training with power as I do with my ride.

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Please please please make it happen!

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No news in this post. Damn it.

Come on Zwift !! Display live power …
simple version update.

Absolutely support this humble request. Please add Runpower. Otherwise there will always be that nagging doubt if the pace its showing is to be trusted.

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If your Zwift is uncalibrated then the pace information comes directly from the foot pod.

Ah - that is good to know - thank you. I also believe that the reason for the feature not being implemented yet is that Zwift wants to integrate running power into the game the same way cycling power is integrated. Right now, the same (say 250 watts) make you run as fast on the flat as up AdZ - so probably that’s why we will have to wait a little longer for the feature… hope springs eternal.

Not just Stryd footpods either. I just have a zwift running pod and it’s possible to get a “zwift power” number from the available data, so let’s have it in game too.

I just completed a run with Stryd. I don’t even see the power data after the run and what’s worse, I don’t have it in TraningPeaks or Stryd PowerCenter. I’ll probably fall back to measure my run with Garmin and only use Zwift to pass time. Not sure if I can pair Stryd to both Zwift and Garmin though.

Yea pleeeaassse make it easier to sync with TP and Stryd

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Does the Zwift pod measure live power to your watch? Specifically a Suunto?