What about runningpower metrics?

(Gerrit Weiß) #1

Since many of the Zwift-Runners have a Stryd footpod (or maybe a Garmin HR Strap), it might be cool to display the runningpower besides the pace and the spm! If the power is not in-game the power-data also could not be transferred to Strava and Garmin Connected after the run. But it should be… I’m sure many Stryd users would appreciate this feature very much.

(Eiki Egilz) #2

I agree! :slight_smile:

Would be very nice to get the power from the Stryd footpod into Zwift. The data from it is very, very accurate and I use it when I’m Zwifting

Please add this feature Zwift.

Heart rate zones settings
(Christian Wirbka) #3

I agree also :smile:: I already formulated a similar feature request some days ago which has not been voted.

(Eiki Egilz) #4

Allrighty, so please vote for this one @Christian_Wirbka :slight_smile:

(Christian Wirbka) #5

Thats what I already did :smile:

(Eiki Egilz) #6

Nice, I see it now … didn’t see it when I refreshed the page 5 minutes ago.

Excellent, let’s hope Zwift listens

(John Archer) #7

So many reasons why this simple change should be made, it seems like a dropped ball not including it in the first place.

There’s a huge community of people that use an indoor trainer to get quality cycling training with power! Add this feature and market it for running and people will flock to run on zwift as well as buy a stryd.

Also loads of folks need to use rTSS and it’s awkward as ■■■■ in the current format.

In the first instance, we are not saying to use power to calculate speed/pace, like cycling. We are just saying, display it! Although the former would be pretty cool!

Come on guys, get your acts together!!

(Christian Wirbka) #8

I fully agree. The highest need is in having displayed the power instead of always looking at my watch.

(Eiki Egilz) #9

@Vincent hi there!

Could you guys please DISPLAY the power watts for the runs ( measured by Stryd in my case ) ?

I see you are monitoring it because I imported the data from Zwift -> Strava en then I exported the tcx file from Strava and in there I see the power!
( https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918437-Exporting-your-Data-and-Bulk-Export#TCX )

See the example data below, this is actually recorded from Zwift, as described above:


(Steve Bateman) #10

Would ALSO be good to be able to choose the primary metric to show when running - Could be Pace, Speed, Power, HR etc.

(Eric Gabriel) #11

@lord02 - when my Zwift runs are pushed to Garmin and Stryd, I am not seeing any power metrics, specifically in Garmin Connect.

I don’t record with my watch, just have Zwift, paired with Stryd running.