Please display stryd power in the run

Many people requested it. Please make it possible to see power from stryd while running!


Displaying power seems like an easy win but currently the Stryd does not recognise treadmill elevation so is only really representative at 0%. If you increase to 2% at the same pace then your real power output will increase but the Stryd would not detect this and therefore the power output displayed by Zwift would not increase.

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Jon I’m perfectly fine with that limitation. I train exclusively by power, just displaying it will make it easier for me and others.


Have you seen the Runcline app created by someone in Zwift Runners FB group? Might be a useful workaround until power is implemented in Zwift.

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I love Stryd. It’s awesome, but it’s also possible to display an estimation of running power as a function of treadmill speed, treadmill incline and body weight, without having to be tied to one product and it’s proprietary power estimating algorithms.
I just posted how to do it elsewhere. And the math is open source.
But yes. YES! I too would love to see power displayed on-screen!

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Hang on now… isn´t the power data from Stryd showing up on the screen? Wow! How do they calculate the power then?

Someone who´s been using Zwift for a long time, recommended me to buy the Stryd censor, because it was the best. And now it seems like the power form the Stryd isn´t even transferred?!

Power is not used for running on Zwift, but Stryd is more accurate than other foot pods when it comes to in-game speed.

But I have some Power metrics showing on the screen when I run. And it´s also appearing on the activity report (in watts). What´s up with that? What kind of number is this then, if power is not measured?

Yes, there is a way to get Zwift to save the Stryd power data, but it is not used for in-game speed. Hopefully in the future will be given the option to display Stryd power on screen (there is a Mac hack to do it) and it will be used for in-game speed.

Would love to have the Mac hack :slight_smile:

It is in this thread: New Zwift Runner Thoughts and feature request

Hello, displaying the Stryd power in Zwift should be great for me too :wink:


This can be done using the Runcline app. There is an option to replace the HR data on screen with power.

Definitely the power from stryd sensor should be shown in Zwift screen. Also workouts based on power should be allowed.