Please display stryd power in the run

(Alexander) #1

Many people requested it. Please make it possible to see power from stryd while running!

(Jon) #2

Displaying power seems like an easy win but currently the Stryd does not recognise treadmill elevation so is only really representative at 0%. If you increase to 2% at the same pace then your real power output will increase but the Stryd would not detect this and therefore the power output displayed by Zwift would not increase.

(Alexander) #3

Jon I’m perfectly fine with that limitation. I train exclusively by power, just displaying it will make it easier for me and others.

(Jon) #4

Have you seen the Runcline app created by someone in Zwift Runners FB group? Might be a useful workaround until power is implemented in Zwift.

(Chris Hanger) #5

I love Stryd. It’s awesome, but it’s also possible to display an estimation of running power as a function of treadmill speed, treadmill incline and body weight, without having to be tied to one product and it’s proprietary power estimating algorithms.
I just posted how to do it elsewhere. And the math is open source.
But yes. YES! I too would love to see power displayed on-screen!