Run power on - where the data comes from?

already opened same topic on, but didn’t received the answer:

I’ve made two TdZ 2020 runs and noticed that some of the users have running power in w/kg in the results on
Where is this data comes from?
Is it possible that Zwift records Stryd power, but not in-game streaming it?
Thank you.

*p.s. having Stryd Live and if the power indeed recorded by Zwift and later transferred to the results of zwiftpower - will be interested in upgrade *

zwiftpower counts only cycling events

You are wrong.
Just go on and you could see the running results for the latest 3 stages of TdZ2020 run.
Here is an example of today’s stage 3 for runners:
As you may see in the link, some of the runners have power data beside their name. Where this data comes from? Will I see same date in case if will upgrade Stryd Live to Stryd?

@Adam_Qwert_Nayana_WA I’m not exactly sure but as you can see by my screen shot from zwiftpower I’ve done stage 1 & 2 of the TdZ Run. I got my Stryd after stage 1 so it doesn’t show power but stage 2 (first run with it) does. Guess it must be pulling from Stryd even though it isn’t a data field on HUD during the run.


Daniel, thank you for this confirmation!
This is something that I’ve supposed, but didn’t had any confirmed data.
So, from what we know now, probably Zwift records the power data of Stryd, but not streaming it online during the run. After the event the data is transferred to results.

Any official Zwift representative could confirm it?

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Same here. Appears my zwiftpower power number matches my Stryd power number

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Another question (and most likely more apt for ZP forum) is does the power being reported for runs affect any of their calculations for cycling power or w/kg?

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Zwift captures run power from the Stryd if it is connect using Bluetooth. If you connect the Stryd using ANT+ no power will be captured.