Zwift and Stryd Power Centre

I use the Stryd footpod for all my indoor runs for accuracy and therefore they are uploaded to the Stryd Power Centre.

However when using Zwift they do not show up, despite coming up in Garmin Connect.

Accorrding to the Stryd website ‘If you have a Garmin sports watch, you can run with the Zwift app and watch at the same time. Garmin data can flow automatically into PowerCenter.’

Does anyone actually know how to do this? I have everything set up and sync’d yet I’m not sure how to get this bit working. Prehaps I am misinterpreting what it means. To me it says Zwift data will go to Garmin and then through to Zwift?

It’s possible that the data only flows from Garmin if you’ve recorded it on a Garmin device - "If you have a Garmin sports watch…

Zwift does not record Stryd power into its FIT file so it won’t be imported into Stryd. You will need to dual record with a Garmin watch that is writing the Stryd power data into the FIT file for it to pass along to Stryd Power Center.

Sorry, should have mentioned I use a Garmin Fenix 7.

Yea that’s what I’ve read but Stryd’s website lists 3 options :

1: Download the FIT file
2: Upload the Stryd data after the run
3: Zwift app for supported Garmin watches

This seemed to suggest it could go straight from Zwift to Garmin and then sync with Stryd.

“ Stryd is compatible with the Zwift app. When you pair Stryd to the Zwift app, the app will only use distance, pace, and cadence from Stryd. You will still be able to see your data in PowerCenter after the run by offline syncing your Stryd.

That is saying it won’t natively sync over. After a Zwift run you’d need to open the Stryd app on your phone and download the data (mind you there isn’t a way to just download 1 run. So if you have 50 runs stored on the pod it will sync them all (and create duplicates if that run is already there))

I use Stryd and a Garmin watch with Zwift. Zwift has no bearing on transfer of Stryd data to Power Centre. The Garmin ecosystem transfers the Stryd data to Power Centre, so long as your Garmin and Stryd accounts are linked and you dual record.

If you do not use the watch to record simultaneously with Zwift and instead have Zwift send activity data to your Garmin account then that’s the problem. Dual recording also logs a host of other data that Zwift simply doesn’t bother with.

I always dual record both for run and ride. That way I capture maximum data and have a belt and braces backup in case one system tanks and loses my data.

Reading through I guess this is what Option 3 is. Would have been much easier if they’d have said dual record.