What setup is it?

I can’t post the YouTube link but there’s a video of a runner with his treadmill turning at a fast pace but his avatar in Zwift is running on the spot and no data is being recorded/displayed on screen. He’s standing on the side rails and as soon as he jumps on and starts running the avatar starts moving and his speed/distance is displayed. Would that be down to using the Stryd for cadence and having a smart treadmill/Runn sensor? I’ve got the Runn sensor so would be interested in being able to do the same but the Stryd isn’t cheap especially just for cadence so it would be good to know for sure.

‘Anthony Famiglietti’s 3 55 treadmill mile on zwift’ is the video

They could be using a Stryd, Garmin Foot Pod, Zwift Pod or other foot pod as a speed source.

It was incredibly precise though. The display speed on screen stayed exactly at 3:58 until he increased it using the treadmill. My Runn sensor is the same but I originally bought the Zwift foot pod and not a chance it would be that precise even if the treadmill is. I sold it as Zwift was constantly reporting different speeds up to 30 seconds per mile. I haven’t used the Stryd but that would be something if it’s that precise constantly.

Stryd is very accurate and I prefer it over RUNN.

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It’s been done using a smart treadmill and the meet up option.

You can see he’s in the pen and looks up to the top right corner where the countdown to the start of the meet up begins. The treadmill is already up to speed. It’s simply a 1 mile meetup.

I’ve used all types of foot pods, the Runn and a Stryd.

The cheaper foot pods need constant calibration. They’ll be accurate one day but not the next.

The Stryd for me also needed calibrating to the treadmill speed and unfortunately worked no better than a Garmin one.

The Runn reported constant fluctuations in speed which I find distracting.
I moved into an app that told Zwift how fast I had set the treadmill at without actually getting this from the treadmill so if I increased the treadmill speed I had to tell the app the same.

I’m now an advocate of QZ Domyos app which actually reads the speed of my treadmill and reports this to Zwift, effectively making my treadmill a smart treadmill. Plus the app can replicate the incline on Zwift so I get auto incline.

I can offer more advice if required.

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Thanks for that. That explains it. I’ve not done any meets so far but I understand that now :+1: I’ve seen this app mentioned. It’s sounds great but unfortunately I’ve not got a PC capable of running Zwift. I’m using a Redmi note pro 9 (Android) and just casting to the TV. If it ends up working on Android I’ll definitely try it.

The app works on Android too, it’s only the auto incline that works on PC’s.

It’s the auto incline I’d be wanting it for. And I’d still need Zwift to actually record incline as well for it to be that useful for me (come on Zwift you can at least do this😄). It’s Technogym Live I’ve got on my treadmill and it pretty much does both those things already so I’m mainly using Zwift for flat running or something to look at.

If I’m honest I don’t think Zwift will ever go auto incline, they seem afraid of any litigation resulting from accidents. I think running will remain in beta forever with no further improvements.

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