Smart Treadmill vs. Foot Pod

Working on buying a treadmill and struggling through finding the right fit. It appears Smart Treadmills are quite spendy and I’m really wondering if the features are really worth the added costs.

It appears the best benefits are built in telemetry for speed/cadence and lack of need to calibrate the foot pod. However, it also seems a foot pod(s) would allow me to use the home treadmill and gym treadmills - so while they may take more effort they would have benefit as well.

For those who have Smart Treadmills, are the features worth it?

For those who use Foot Pods, is calibration a hassle?

I have a Stryd which is spot on accurate. I have tested it on the track at various paces without issue and I like how regardless of where I’m running or what treadmill at the gym I get, it will give me the same numbers. One calibration (just to be sure but it will be fairly accurate most times out of the box) and you are set

Can I ask, do you have any connectivity issues with Stryd and Zwift run?. I have a Zwift runpod and its rubbish. Bluetooth connectivity struggles with the pod and I won’t be able to accurately complete Zwift Academy Tri’s training programs with it. Considering getting Stryd.