Smart treadmill for zwift

Hi all,

I’m hoping you guys can help me. I’m looking into getting a smart treadmill to connect to Apple TV or an Apple device. I’m feeling a bit boggled and unsure as there’s lots of information out there. What would be for the best and what is the most reasonable.
Any help and advice would be appreciated

Thanks, Victoria

I’m not sure about apple TV but this is purely based on treadmill quality, so feel free to ignore this. But I will never run on anything again other than an assault runner

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Curious. What’s the diff between a smart treadmill and those you typically find in a gym?

Maybe buy a good dumb treadmill and add the NPE Runn for less than the cost of a smart treadmill :man_shrugging:t2:

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Or a Stryd.

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The compatable smart list should link up with zwift and your good to go without anything attached to your feet or treadmill.

My own personal reason for choosing an assault runner is because its not motorized so I’m working harder and the accuracy of the speed and distance is spot on, instantly.

To try and answer the original posters question, here is my method of turning zwift on from my laptop that hdmis to a larger tv.

  1. Turn computer on (would be your Apple product)
  2. Launch zwift app
  3. Navigate to run on app
  4. Hit the Bluetooth button on the treadmill
  5. Hit workout after the treadmill connects
  6. Pick a workout and go.

If you do get any kind of pod, you will have to calibrate it before starting a workout. My zwift pods were never very accurate

It is recommended that you don’t calibrate Stryd, since it will be accurate out of the box.

No need to calibrate RUNN sensor attached to treadmill. It reads how fast a single mark passes under sensor. Works way better than Zwift foot pod. I purchased a good solid used treadmill from a friend for $50. Added RUNN sensor for $100 and use iPad I already owned very happy with results and price.


I’m afraid that’s not quite true about calibrating the RUNN. Unless you’ve been extremely lucky that the factory calibration matches that of your treadmill perfectly.

The RUNN has it’s default calibration but you would be amazed at the variation is speed of running belts. Different motor produce different speeds and each foot strike can have a major impact of the belt speed. Commercial machines are less likely to fluctuate than home use ones.

The RUNN will have a tolerance where the speed will fluctuate +/- 0.3mph of the treadmill speed once calibrated. There is no power smoothing so when you are running you will likely see your speed on the HUD bouncing back and forth.

I’ve liaised with NPE and they advise not to calibrate in game but to use the Configurez app to calibrate the RUNN to your treadmill. The app advises not calibrating whilst running but this is a bit of a health and safety things and from my experience you get much better results if you calibrate at around your normal running pace.

That said I still get mixed results as I get variation in speed at the start of my run when everything is cold to when things are warmed up after a few miles. If you are not data obsessed then it’s not an issue. As James says the RUNN is better than the foot pod but probably not as good as a Stryd but then it’s over half the price.


Commercial ones generally have much higher HP motors which are not prone to slowing or speeding up with each foot strike.
Home use ones will.
Smart ones will send the speed of the treadmill directly to Zwift so there won’t be any fluctuation on screen. I wouldn’t guarantee this is the actual speed you are running at though.