Best Treadmill

Just wanting some feedback as to which treadmill works well with zwift.

Life fitness t3 is good… bluetooth only though but it’s connects well

Thanks I will have a look.

After buying a $2500 Bluetooth compatible treadmill….
I found out that any treadmill will work. As long as you buy a STRYD foot pod. It connects 100% with ANT connection in Zwift on my laptop pc and never drops out. I found that Bluetooth drops out now and then. Don’t get a Zwift run pod. I have one and it’s unreliable, does not connect. Most ppl agree that it is not recommended.

I thought I needed a treadmill with Bluetooth to connect to Zwift. Wrong. There is another more reliable method…my story…
I bought a Sole TT8 because it is compatible with Zwift using Bluetooth. But the Bluetooth connection kept dropping during runs. I bought the STRYD after reading a few posts here. Turns out I really only needed a STRYD foot pod. Good thing I didn’t spend a fortune on a treadmill but I did get a very sturdy treadmill for $2500 direct from Sole.

Get any treadmill you want. Buy a stryd foot pod and your golden. And connect with an ANT connection- it’s far more reliable connecting this way! And you are transmitting your actual foot speed rather than the treadmill speed.

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Here are photos showing how I connect with the STRYD foot pod. Notice the Sole TT8 is recognized but I chose the Stryd 135 instead for better reliability. The Treadmill is not connected at all and I run just fine in Zwift.


How close is the pace reported by Stryd to that what the treadmill is displaying?

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Matches my treadmill spot-on.
I feel dumb buying a treadmill to ‘connect’ to Zwift when it really wasn’t necessary. Duh.

You live and learn. A Stryd @ £200 is certainly better value than a smart treadmill which is probably more than £200 on top of a dumb treadmill price. Plus you can use it outside and it will give you more data such as power etc…

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I use the Under Armour HOVR bluetooth connected shoes - run on any treadmill or outside- records speed and cadence best! use my apple watch for HR

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Thanks for all the good tips. I think a footpod will work fine.

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Recently bought a TechnoGym MyRun. Works fine with Zwift and good treadmill overall but definitely not the cheapest option. Pace is accurate.

Overall my experience feels more like beta testing than using though. Elevation gain is not recorded on Zwift. It is recorded on TechnoGym’s Live software, but then lost when sync’ing with Strava. The TechnoGym Live software can set incline, Zwift doesn’t do that yet. Apple watch pairing fails consistently with TechnoGym Live and worse aborts the exercise. Apple Watch fails occasionally with Zwift, but at least you can continue the exercise.

Feels like there is lots of room for improvement.