Pairing with Christopeit Treadmill

Hi, I have the Christopeit TM 5000 treadmill with bluetooth, but the paiting on my zwift app on my iPhone doesn’t find the treadmill in order to pair it. Could you please help. Thx, Ani

These are the currently supported treadmills for Zwift:

The manufacture might no be using an open Bluetooth protocol.

You could still use a foot pod, Wahoo Tickr Run or NPE Runn to get up and moving on Zwift (there are other ways, let me know if you need the list).

Hi Paul, thanks for the information. Can you share the list with the pods with me. I have a suunto watch. Would be great, if the pod can be used also outside, not only for zwift. Thanks, Ani

The best one is Stryd, other options are Garmin Foot pod (not the run dynamics, it’s not supported) or the Zwift RunPod.

The Stryd is Botha Bluetooth and Ant+, the Garmin is Ant+ only, and the Zwift Pod is Bluetooth only.


Do you think that the Stryd could be compatible with an old Garmin 910xt?

It should be, I believe the 910xt can accept Ant+ connection.