Work with bluetooth treadmill not in support list

I have a treadmill equipped with bluetooth and it works well with its own app. but I can’t pair it with zwift and it is not in the list of supported hardware. anyhow I can do to make it work with zwift?

Zwift Run pod, North Pole Engineering RUNN, Stryd

I do have a garmin watch that works perfectly with zwift. but, the problem is the pace garmin sending to zwift is so inaccurate that it constantly changes with big range when the speed of treadmill stay the same.

Depending on the model of you Garmin watch you can calibrate it to the treadmill pace so it matches it better. The more you calibrate the closer it’ll be.

The newer Garmins have a virtual run option which actually interacts directly with Zwift.

Also check if your treadmill has a CSAFE port, if so you can buy a device to plug into this that will also interact with Zwift.

There is also an app called speed transmitter that offers several ways to interact with Zwift.

My Stryd works flawlessly and gets the avatar running but it is 2 tenths slower than the treadmill speed. So I have to increase the treadmill speed to get the speed I want in Zwift.