Garmin 245/945 support

Hello there! Just started running in a treadmill using zwift because of the lockdown. Its just amazing and really fun, never thought I could enjoy training indoor so much.
A couple of questions. Do zwift or Garmin plan to keep updating and giving support to pairing/calibration without using footpod? Because I’m using a Garmin 245music and can’t find a good calibration yet. Seems like in game you just can’t calibrate slow speed, it works with normal and fast speed, but not slow.
Even if I calibrate it, sometimes from a day to another the pace of my run fluctuates too much.
When doing easy runs, long runs or even fartleks it doesn’t bother me that much, but if I want to join a race it feels wrong, because for example my treadmill only allows to run at 16kph (Max speed), and my character runs at 18kph (due to the bad calibration). Feels like I’m cheating haha.
That’s all for now, thanks!

A foot pod would be a better solution. Depending on your budge you could get Stryd, Garmin (NOT Run Dynamics), Polor, or Zwift Run Pod. Stryd would be my recomendation.

NPE RUNN is also a very good solution since it can turn a non-smart treadmill into a smart one (more or less).

There is also an app you could use or the Wahoo Tickr Run or X.


Yeah, maybe if running indoor with zwift is going to be a long term situation because of the lockdown or maybe winter (Argentina, so winter is coming soon), or even for days with splits run so i can do one run indoor and another outside I should start considering get first a zwift run pod (looks like its simple to use/for beginners). But I asked that because the update that allowed garmin245/245music/945 went live not long ago, so maybe they’ll release fixes and more patches to make calibration better!

buonasera ho anche io un garmin 245music, e l’ho abbinato sia su tablet che su telefono. purtroppo dopo circa 1km con entrami i disposizitivi, perde la connessione e l’omino si blocca, di fatto non registrando piu movimenti battiti strada ecc.
non ho proprio idea su come poter dissociare e associare nuovamente. Consigli?

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Hello guido! Well, in my personal experience, I’m using the Garmin paired with the computer that executes zwift (because the computer got Bluetooth).
I just tried once using the zwift companion app to pair the watch, and it worked well.
Some advices: keep everything close. Bluetooth is a signal traveling in the air, so if you walk away from the treadmill to (for example) your kitchen it will lose connection.
Keep your watch, phone, and computer/tablet close. And if you need to go to the bathroom pause the treadmill and leave your watch in the treadmill, with your phone.
If you lose the connection it forces you to restart the game, it’s not possible to pair again the watch with the game once signal is lost. It makes you reset and re-enter the menu.
Hope it helps and let me know!

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Grazie davvero spero domani vada meglio. Ho disinstallato l app e reinstallata e ricollegato a Garmin 245. Domani vediamo se andrà meglio. Tablet e orologio sono a distanza max 90cm mentre corro su tapis. Altro dubbio che ho, io ho abbinato altri strumenti in blouthoot forse anche per questo ma non penso. Grazie

Okay! Good luck tomorrow!
Yeah, maybe if your phone is paired with other devices previously it may not work.
Tell me if it works tomorrow!!

Ok. See you later. Tks and good morning

Ciao. Purtroppo nulla da fare. Oggi dopo 1.6km si è stoppato. Ho usato tablet e Garmin 245 music tarati I 2 strumenti come primo utilizzo. Sia FC sia passo sia cadenza, ho scelto corsa insieme a una persona… Partito ok. Dopo 1.6km l omino si è fermato. Ho rinunciato. Non capisco. Mi dispiace

Wow, I feel so sorry i can’t help you. Maybe you should try the android app “Treadmill speed transmitter” Its really good because it let you introduce manually the speed of your treadmill and send that speed to Zwift. If you’re using Iphone you may search “Treadmill smart speed”

Sei gentile grazie molte. Domani faccio un altra prova… Poi rinuncio. Pazienza. Buona serata. Qui è sera. :

Alright! Keep trying and dont give up! You’ll get there!!!

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Ciao finalmente ho risolto… ho dovuto installare su IOS SU Mac ho provato 20 minuti e non ha perso un colpo il problema purtroppo è su mio tablet HUAWEI m5Lite spero in nuovi update software. Comunque almeno pare ok grazie

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Wohooo!!! Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. May I add you as friend, so we can run someday?
See you on the roads heh

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yes—ok :slight_smile:

Sorry I know this thread is old but I have a garmin 245 music and calibrated it to 12.5kmph. I run at that speed on the treadmill consistently and in game zwift reported 10.2km total when the treadmill said 10km.

Personally I don’t mind the 200m margin of error per 10km. I’d imagine as I get tired I’d soon be reporting slower and it might balance out…

I’ve since done about five treadmill runs and all have reported fine even at a walking pace. It was only my first non calibrated run where zwift said 18kmph, but I quickly stopped and calibrated to resolve that.

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Today I did the 5km run event with the treadmill fixed to 13.0kmph and my speed went below as far as 12 and above as far as 19 but I finished with an average of 12.96kmph which is pretty damn accurate. The spikes were probably when itching my leg, pulling a wedgie out or using my sweat towel

im using FR245M also, and its hard to maintain a pace on this, it fluctuates from slow pace to fast pace at any constant movement of arm and speed. it feels like the watch re computes your movement and once done it will be stable in pace.

also i notice at the start of running, you run already or walk but your avatar will stay still for couple of seconds. i found this delay approximately 15 to 20 seconds always and during the run.

before i was using the galaxy active watch with bipr application. there is a delay but minimal like less than 5 sec. you can easy adjust from changes in accelerometer of the watch.

i did the calibration through zwift. but delay still there.

any suggestion for this issue?

Hi Leslie
I am new to this watch and I tried a short 1k run on Zwift. Although it paired nicely the pace was inaccurate. My watch thought I was running about 5.30 pace but my treadmill was at 8k/hour (7.30mins /km). I have used RUNN in the past but the bluetooth was unreliable but it did suggest my treadmill was reasonably accurate. I was just wondering how you did the calibration?

Hi Anita welcome. I agree that it pairs nicely but can be inaccurate. It is a wrist based accelerometer and I found that calibration was hard to get right - very hard.

As my running form takes a while to set in (fatigue greatly impacted my arm swinging motion) I decided to run 3km and then proceed to calibrate on Zwift. This strategy as well as paying attention to my running form, helped to produce accurate results for me.

Overtime I eventually purchased a Stryd run pod because I’d rather focus on my run and not have to worry about checking my watch to see if it’s still accurate / not and then adjusting my form to suit.