Zwift runpod accuracy

Hi all!!
I have recently started zwift running, I have the zwift runpod which I have calibrated and I’m not sure the pace is correct. I ran tonight and my garmin watch suggested a pace of 7.11mins/km while the footpod suggests 9:34mins/km. When I run outside I’m averaging approx 6.20mins/km at hr zone 2. How accurate is the footpod/garmin? I don’t know which to believe?! Any help greatly received and I hope I’ve been clear??

If you want accuracy you will need to get a Stryd or NPR RUNN.

So is npr runn a treadmill sensor?

Here is a link:

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Great thank you

What pace was your treadmill set at? That should tell you how far out the footpod was.

Sorry just seen this I’ve just decided to accept it and run to my heart rate
Thanks for replying :+1:

Running to your heart rate in all fairness is a great way to train. That said it’s nice to benchmark this against a speed or distance.

Depending on your Garmin your can calibrate this post run to match the treadmill distance. It learns your stride or rather your arm swing and should be more accurate the more you use it.

Unless you are using the virtual run option on your Garmin in which this sends the data directly to Zwift.

Given the foot pod is wildly out from your normal pace I’d say the calibration isn’t correct and I’d have another go. It’ll never match your treadmill as to be honest treadmills aren’t overly accurate either. With repeated calibration you could get it to within 0.5km/h of your treadmill pace.

The RUNN has the same issue albeit it’s slightly more accurate but again is very much treadmill dependant.

If you need anymore help I’m happy to oblige as it’s become my specialist subject after having similar issues as yourself but unfortunately my OCD saw me desperate for accuracy.