Inaccurate running Speed

(Todd Shelton) #1

Did my first run on Zwift last night. The speed on my treadmill was considerably slower than was showing on Zwift. I am using a Garmin footpod. It has not been calibrated yet. However I set my treadmill on 6.3 mph for testing and calibrated my foot pod to match. I know that the treadmill could be way off. However, Zwift had me running 6:24 minute miles. I was not running 6:24 minute miles. I calibrated my foot pod as low as a number as it would allow with only minor changes on Zwift. 

Has anyone else found this to be a problem

(Brad Mitchell (Kiwi Ink)) #2

Hi Todd.

My Garmin footpod, paired with zwift, is very accurate. I know this because I train outdoors (including track sessons, so 400’s 800’s etc, like zwift workouts) and race triathlons (secondary timing and Gps tracking with my watch)

Calibrating the footpad properly is very important. Maybe take a look at the Garmin site for that.

In regard to the treadmill - I never take any notice of the number and never have.  I just adjust the treadmill until it gives me what  my pace needs to be and use zwift and my Garmin watch for pacing.


(Todd Shelton) #3

Thanks…I’m working on that now. I’m sure my treadmill is off by quite a bit. Part of the problem is I’m on IOS and using CABLE to bridge. It does not allow me to calibrate in Zwift using the bridge. I have ordered the Milestone so I can calibrate.

(Andrew. BODYFUELSPN) #4

The ZWIFT software is inaccurate at reporting pace per mile.

Zwift reports 8-11 seconds faster per mile than the Stryd data paired to Garmin using indoor run, auto calibration off, and calibration factor at 100.

Stryd support was quite awesome in troubleshooting the disparity in reported speeds of pace per mile as it related to both treadmill speed setting and Zwift calibration.  I was told to not adjust calibration factor on watch and that the data from Stryd to Garmin was the more accurate data set (stryd/garmin vs stryd/zwift)

For those who are avid runners, 8-11 seconds is a significant pace difference and merits discussing the accuracy of the Zwift calibration process

For casual runners who don’t race/compete it’s most likely not going to matter.

Additionally, it is recommended that you DO NOT calibrate using Zwift: 

(Paul Allen) #5

I would like the watts from the Stryd displayed on Zwift so you can better train by power, that is the point of using a Stryd.

When I was running on Zwift using my Stryd and syncing to Strava I would delete the Zwift run and keep the run from my Garmin since it would update my Fitness/Freshness score and the Zwift ones wouldn’t. 

Running on Zwift is still in it’s infancy and has a ways to go to be a good platform.