Pace Accuracy Issue w/ Garmin Footpod

I did a couple runs using my Garmin Footpod and my Samsung Galaxy Note 10. I’ve been able to go through the calibration twice. But after I start a treadmill run for a few minutes, Zwift has my pace at >19mph. Anyone else experience this?

Welcome to the forums @Harry_C. I don’t have a Garmin Footpod but my first solution would be to check if you have calibrated it correctly. Here are some websites that may help you out. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to do what I can to further assist you.

I am having the same issue actually with my STRYD pod.
The calibration is done via the ZWIFT app on my end but for some reason the speed appearing on ZWIFT is quite different from the speed I am using on the treadmill.
The next thing I did is run significantly slower when calibrating and that one still didn’t work.

Any resources for calibration with STRYD?

Much appreciated thanks

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@AlNaber_Rashed I personally have not found the need to calibrate my Stryd as I find it more accurate than the treadmill. Depending on your treadmill (age, brand, etc) your Stryd might be correct and the treadmill is not going the speed the display says. I found with my treadmill it reports speed about 0.1 - 0.2 mph faster than it is really going.

If you believe your Stryd is not accurate you can perform a calibration but it requires an outdoor run and measuring exact distances. You can read more here:

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I’m just going to delete the calibration that I have done through Zwift and trust the STRYD as I have read everywhere that the off the box metrics given by the STRYD is very accurate.

I will just trust that and anyway I don’t know why numbers have become a big obsession these days…

I have been TM running with Stryd for quite a few years on quite a few different TM’s.

Stryd has for me - always been the correct indicator.

On my own TM which I maintain and look after - on 10km run the difference between Stryd and TM is 20-50 meters. (Stryd calibration 100.0 / no auto calibration) - that works for me with my shoes and I’ve tried on 400m track as well.

But my TM is a good one and maintained to perfection… :slight_smile:

On not as well maintained TM’s - difference is larger.

IF TM shows longer distance than Stryd - then 99% it is the TM… And it is usually belt slips that cause it. So either your running surface is worn/dirty - or belt is not at correct tension - or rollers are full of grease - or the TM is just “bad”

On crap TM’s - you will see from 1…5-6 km/h that speed tracks together. But the moment you pace from fast walk to real run - the difference begins to show. My brothers China Mill :smile: is 25-30% off at 10km / hour…

So far best results has been on LifeFitness or PreCor. Most others have shown issues even on quite new machines in High End Pro gyms.

AlNaber, as far as I know, you don’t calibrate Stryd; although you do need to do it with any other footpod.

I have had this happen off and on at times with me running along normally then all of a sudden my speed shoots up to ridiculous speeds above 17mph and I have to stop running. Sometimes if I catch it quick enough I can stop and things will recover and I can start running again with a normal/accurate pace, but most times this completely buggers my footpod connection to both Zwift and my Garmin with no pace/cadence being selected. I haven’t figured out a fix that works all the time, but I usually have to try a mix of unpairing/repairing in Zwift, unpairing/repairing on my Garmin and sometimes opening up the footpod to disconnect the battery and closing up again. They have all seemingly worked, but also not worked. It’s super frustrating–it happened again three times during my run last night!