Running Speed Accuracy Issues

Hi all,

I use the Garmin foot pod and it is ok at speeds below 8 mph, after that it is wildly unpredictable. For 30 seconds it will be accurate and then suddenly it shows me running at 10, 11, 12 mph, that continues for about 20 seconds then it goes back down again.

Is there a more reliable foot pod out there? Thanks.

Stryd or Stryd Live would be my recommendation.

Yep, was just looking at those. Maybe an early Christmas present to myself :).

I have a MilestonePod and it seems to be very accurate. Also I believe they’re now owned by Zwift and it’s a fraction of the cost of the Stryd

Garmin foot pods are infamous for being really good at the pace they are calibrated to and horrible if you go much faster or slower.

I’ve been using the Milestone Pod and it’s pretty good all a round but have found that I can make my pace increase without changing treadmill pace just by kicking my heels a little higher after push off. Overall though it’s a much better solution than the Garmin pod.

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I only started using Zwift Run a few weeks ago and, like a few others here, went with the Milestone pod.

From my experience, it’s less accurate at lower speeds but - once you get in around the speed you calibrated at - it gets pretty good.

Unfortunately, for me, that means it’s generally not particularly accurate as I’m a very slow and unfit runner. Hopefully I’ll improve with time and be able to run at a speed the Milestone likes.

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I’ve just entered the world of Zwift running and have a Suunto pod which I have calibrated several times at different speeds. I can be running along happily at 7 kmh and reduce speed to 6.9 and my displayed speed plummets to less than 5 kmh. It is so frustrating.
I have a Vivoactive watch and was wondering if I needed a foot pod at all.

Yeah I found the heel trick as well but I don’t like using shortcuts and making unnecessary changes to my natural stride which I’ve spent some time refining.

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Having Styd Live and using it without any calibration on Zwift. Didn’t experienced any issues with the unpredictable speed change.
The only speed issue is the difference between the treadmill and the Stryd Live speed, but this is normal and described in the Stryd tech support document.