Best Foot Pod for Zwift Run?

Hi. I use a milestone foot pod on Zwift run but regardless of how many times I calibrate it the speed and distance is out of sync, this can be 10% out on average.
I’ve found that syncing at higher speeds seems to get the most accurate calibration but is only of use when running in those zones.
Should I invest in a Stryd foot pod to get a better experience?, I missed the recent promotional offer for $99 and the current $199 cost is difficult to swallow. Are they any better?
To give you an idea of how inaccurate the milestone is to Zwift I’m only running 4.4km whereas recording 5km on Zwift.

Zwift bought Milestone, so I’d expect them to be working on making it as accurate as possible when used with the platform. Maybe there will be a firmware update to help with this at some point.

Have you tried the suggestions in this video?

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Correct you are Daren, and the tips in that video should help. :slight_smile:

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I find calibrating it at higher speeds helps. Been consistent with all my other devices

Thanks Mike. I agree, would if be just the same with the Stryd then do you know?

I’ll give that a go, I’ll have to calibrate out on the road using GPS but should give accurate data. Now I’m aware of that I’ll be keeping the $199 in my bank. More likely the it will end up till of a bike shop :bike::running_man:‍♂️:dollar: :+1:
Thanks for the information.

I have a Stryd and milestone and their is little to chose between them. You have to calibrate the milestone in its own app not Zwift and it works fine. I have done thousands of km without problem. My speed is usually within .1kmh.


I bought Stryd and it is perfect with my treadmill. Was a bit off when I unboxed it, but as soon as I calibrated it at 13 km/h for 60 seconds, it’s absolutely spot on for my treadmill. Highly recommended.

I bought a milestone pod specifically for using with zwift. It is a branded one for a chain of shoe stores in Australia (The Athlete’s Foot). I think I can only run their MyFit version of the milestone app. I’ve tried zwifting with it on android tablet and also on windows with zwift companion app (android phone) as a bridge. Either it can’t be paired or the avatar rarely moves.
I’m hoping that if zwift do improve the firmware, it will be provided for these My fit branded pods as well.

Hi all! We’ve recently improved the running calibration in Zwift, so paces should be more accurate.

If you’re also looking for another option for Zwift Run, you may want to check out the Zwift RunPod.


Josie, as soon as I go above 10mph the Zwiftpod only seems to register .1mph for every .2mph increase in pace. Will accuracy for faster runners be improved? I calibrated at 9mph and have the latest firmware. Pretty bummed that the only well-reviewed solution for an iOS user is $199.

Hi Michael -

We definitely are looking to improve the experience as we grow. I will definitely be passing this feedback to our team.

Thanks so much!

Bought the run pod ran twice and now the App won’t sense the pod, very frustrating, also the App will not pick up a Bluetooth heart rate monitor I just purchased (Scosche). Returning the pod via Amazon, not sure if I want another

Hi Michael - the Zwift RunPod did get a firmware update - so if you haven’t already, download the MilestonePod app via iOS or Android. You will need to sync the pod, and a firmware update should pop up.

@Kenneth_Graham - sorry for the troubles! What platform were you using for Zwift, and are you using multiple platforms (i.e. Mac, iOS device, AppleTV)?

You may also want to try the following:

  • Force quit Zwift
  • Quit out of any other apps that may be connecting to the RunPod
  • Toggle bluetooth off, restart device, and toggle bluetooth back on
  • Re-seat battery on

If you are still having issues, please open a support inquiry and we can investigate further.

Josie, I’ve already returned the product.


Hi Josie,

I have just spent almost an hour on a treadmill trying to calibrate my new pod. I have tried using my iPhone and iPad and I have tried all of the steps you mentioned above without any success. The pod connects but the pace and cadence consistently drop. When I am able to start the calibration process (about one in ten attempts) it counts down to 36 seconds and then I get a “disconnected” warning. Needless to say it’s extremely frustrating.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this??

Hey Marc - if you’re using the Zwift RunPod, you may need to update the firmware. You’ll need to download MilestonePod app on iOS or Android, then sync your Pod. If you’ve confirmed that you are up to date and the issues persist, please open a support inquiry and we can investigate further.

Is anyone having any better luck with the Stryd Foot Pod connecting and staying connected to the Zwift Run. I have been trying to run with the Zwift/MilestonePod for the past several months and only logged one run. I have done all of the updates and connection suggestions but no luck.

I have been using the Stryd foot pod for a year now with no issues within Zwift or IRL runs.