Footpods that work?

(Michael Collins) #1

Got a Zwiftpod, but after three runs it’s going back. When it isn’t cutting out it’s horribly inaccurate.

Any other options known to work?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Stryd or Stryd Live are very good, another good option is TreadTracker:

I have the full version of Stryd and have no issues.

(Andrew Sheppard) #3

Hi Michael,

Apparently they are releasing a patch to fix this later this week so maybe hold out and see what that brings.

(Gareth Price) #4

Have to agree my experience so far with the pod is complete rubbish, drops out constantly, and unable to complete a calibration. Plus the calibration routine is terrible having no options other than to do the 5 steps to calibrate and it wanting to have nothing to do with calibration at lower speeds means for me just trying to get back into fitness after 5 years of Cancer is impossible running at 10+ kph for that length of time. Plus it then drops out anyway and fails, 9 times i have tried today to do a simple calibration and it just won’t.

(Zach Johnston) #5

Just to give my experience over the past six weeks or so:

So I bought the milestone pod like RIGHT before zwift rebranded it to their own.

When they did the app update a few weeks ago, it went from being really on point with the treadmill I calibrate on to just being all over the place. After a few tries, I finally stopped even messing with it.

But then about two weeks ago it just fixed itself. I didnt change anything, didnt change shoes, didnt change the way I do incline. It stays within .1/.2 mph of what Im doing even if it takes a few seconds to notice the change. But my ending mileage is almost exactly what my dumb treadmill reads at the end of the run.

The only thing I can think of is there was an iPhone update…I strictly run using my iphone hooked up to a monitor downstairs, and strictly ride using my computer upstairs, so I havent been able to test it on any other system. Maybe the bluetooth was really bad before the update and now its good. I dont know. : / I just know its accurate (in my case).

(Michael Collins) #6

I have two weeks before I have to send mine back to Amazon so I gave it another go today. At “reasonable” pace they’re perfectly accurate. As soon as I crank it to 9.5 or more, it’s worthless. If you’re jogging around I think the Zwiftpods could be a great product for you. If you want to do anything high speed, you need to look elsewhere.

My research keeps pointing at Stryd being the answer, but I don’t care to Zwift Run enough to drop $199.

(Vincent) #7

Michael, do you happen to have the Milestone app? If not can you download that, sync your Zwiftpod to it, then try pairing your Zwiftpods again?

(Michael Collins) #8

Yes, and I’ve done that. Was there an update to the firmware in the past week?