How accurate is the Runpod

Just wondering how accurate we should be expecting the Zwift Runpod to be …

My wife recently started running at home using the runpod and a cheapo treadmill (cheap but easy to use androck solid so far), and the is quite a large discrepancy between the distance shown on the treadmill after a run and the distance shown within Zwift (anywhere between 0.5 and 1km over a 4-5km run).

Obviously neither the treadmill nor the pod is likely to be absolutely spot on accurate in terms of distance but (properly calibrated) is the pod likely to be the more accurate of the two, or the other way around?


When you calibrate the ZwiftPod it is done matching treadmill speed. That being said, the ZwiftPod is pretty good if you make no speed changes on the treadmill.

She could run via HR and not worry about speed, that’s what I do.

Seems odd that the distances would be so different given that the calibration is done using the treadmill speed, maybe she should try leaving it at the speed she calbrates at and see what happens … she doesn’t use a HRM and doesn’t worry about speed, but would like to have a reasonable idea of the “distance” she has covered.

Well, one is belt distance/speed and the other is foot distance/speed and there can be a difference between the 2, especially at different speeds.

I calibrated my Runpod 2 days ago and I didnt recalibrate it when I was walking yesterday.

Im not running on my treadmill, I do just walking and that way I use more lower speeds around 5km/h to 5.6km/h walking.

I found that when I walk free on my treadmill, with my arms swinging the runpod usually is very accurate, maybe only 0,1km/h slower than my treadmill shows.
BUT when I put my hands on my treadmill to rest and my arms dont swing I guess I also walk more in front of the treadmill and that way my inside leg must get a bit shorter. Because when I rest the runpod shows about 0,2km/h slower speed than my treadmill is running at.

But for me even sometimes 0,3km/h is just about 5% difference and I can live with that.