How is the Zwift running pod?

Thinking of buying it but I would like some feedback from actual users. Thanks!

For running at a constant pace it seems to be ok, but when you do intervals the displayed speed can be off.

I would suggest Stryd if it is within your budget.

For the price, I think it works fine. The speed does not always match my treadmill display, but it provides an inexpensive way to get started running on Zwift.

I’ve only been using mine a short time but it works fine once it’s calibrated. Its usually .1 or .2 mph over what the treadmill says but the treadmill is slower than what I get out door away acording to my Garmin footpod and watch so I figure it’s a wash.

Ye I think it’s decent. Especially if your just starting with running on zwift. Il probably upgrade eventually. Only slight issue is its normally about 0.1 to 0.3 kph under my treadmill speed