Running with Garmin watch

Hi there,

Garmin has had a good idea for now some time to their watches.
I had a Runn and a Stryd but decided to sell them to people who would use them as running isn’t my first activity (cycling is everything to me).

However, last night I decided to jump back on the treadmill, paired my watch as always, HR via watch and I’m good to go.

I jump on Zwift and surprise, my treadmill set at 10km/h would throw 15km/h in Zwift. Huh?
Then I tried going 18km/h and Zwift thought I was over 28km/h.
Then suddenly my avatar would slow down to almost a complete stop and walk at 3km/h while in fact my treadmill was still going.
My treadmill is absolutely fine so I’m wondering if I can somehow recalibrate my watch or Zwift or if the fan is blowing my Bluetooth connection away :smile:

Was this via the Treadmill or virtual run option on your watch? I’m assuming the later as otherwise you’d need a power source.