Garmin 945

I’m trying to use my 945 on my treadmill using zwift. Using the virtual run but it won’t sync right. It has me doing speed of 14 when I’m only on speed of 6. I tried unpairing but it keeps doing the same thing. It worked fine the first time but now this. Please help…thanks

Hello Tom! You have to calibrate the watch! When you’re in the pair screen, check the gear icon next to the speed device. Zwift will ask you to put a speed, let’s say 13 kph, and it will ask you to run 40 seconds at that speed, then 40 seconds at a lower speed, and finally 40 seconds at a higher speed.
Still, keep in mind that using a watch might not be the best mode to measure your speed. I’m not sure why they use 3 speeds only, I’m wondering… calibrating every speed you want won’t be better? (for example, my treadmill goes from 1 to 16 kph, and my arm swing is different at each speed, so why not using all that data instead of just 3 for a better calibration?).

Edit: here’s an official post about how to use the virtual run mode Zwift How To: Using the New Garmin Virtual Run Profile | Zwift

I did try calibrating but it kept giving me an error. Maybe it was a bad connection, I’ll try again. Thanks for the help.

Oh, right.
Yes, you’re correct. Zwift calibration with slow speed gives an error.
I think they didn’t gave enough support to that feature, looks like it need some polish