Other treadmills other than supported list?

I was just wondering if anyone was able to pair Zwift run with another treadmill which is not on the supported treadmill list? Each of these supported treadmills are in the more expensive grouping of treadmills, as such I was hoping to purchase a cheaper Bluetooth enabled treadmill which also pairs with Zwift. I checked with the technical team and the response was that Zwift is not compatible with every Bluetooth and ANT smart treadmill out there. Many of them do utilize the two protocols, but use a proprietary set of commands that Zwift can’t interpret, however was just wondering if anyone was able to pair with a cheaper version. I have tried foot pods (poor accuracy) and Treadtracker (foot strike issues impacted accuracy) with not much success and accuracy.

Have you tried the Stryd foot pod? It works great on treadmills.

Hey Brian - yes tried the Stryd foot pod and found the pacing moved up and down too much to make it accurate to follow. For example it would move between 4.30 pace per km up to 5.30 pace sometimes 6minute pace. Tried synchronising it a number of times and still had fluctuations. I noticed there was a blog on YouTube which also stated the same accuracy issues.

Mine is mostly rock solid, much much better than my Garmin Foot pod.