Running on Zwift with compatible Android Footpods


Running on zwift, which footpods work with both zwift and running outdoors using garmin or fitbit on android please?

Can see supported zwift footpods are:

Zwift RunPod

STRYD Footpod

Polar Stride Sensor

Garmin Footpod


They all do to some degree.

You’ll need to ensure your Android device is Ant+ capable as some of your options don’t use bluetooth.

The Zwift Runpod is the cheapest option. Calibration remains a discussion point. Along with availability if you are UK based.

The Stryd is the market leader and most expensive. It works though, faultessly.

Polar is another viable option.

Garmin Footpod. This is obsolete and the only ones you’ll find are used ones although if you find a new one let me know.

The wahoo chest strap is another option for you.

If you can stretch to it go for the Stryd.

Thanks. So the zwift runpod, polar and garmin will work with zwift app on running machine and road running by connecting to an android device?

Garmin are currently available here on amazon

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Are these the best ones?

Not compatible with Zwift.

My opinion: Stryd for the win.

The Garmin footpod is a totally different product to the running dynamics pod.

The footpod would work with Zwift and would send speed & cadence to it.

The running dynamics pod doesn’t send this data but can offer stride length, contact time etc…
Its designed to pair with a Garmin watch to provide supplementary data.

If data accuracy isn’t mission critical to you then anything other than a Stryd is good.

If it is then it’s a Stryd every day of the week.

There are alternatives if you already have a GPS device for your outside running.
The NPE Runn is a device you mount to your treadmill that records the belt speed and sends this direct to Zwift.

Can you expand on this? Do you mean I could somehow not use the Zwift pod if I run outside but record my running activity with Zwift and have beter speed accuracy?

Are you wanting to record a ride on Zwift whilst running outside?

Bought a zwift footpod and it appears it will only work with the app which needs to be on. I was looking for a device that would link up with garmin or fitbit when outdoors to record data.
I didn’t close zwift, my avatar would only move when I was looking at the screen with zwift on it.

Can you not simply use the GPS of your watch to record your outside run?

Not a ride, a run, and yes outside as I only run outside, no treadmill, no access to one anyway, gym club still closed. I was expecting a more accurate solution than Zwift pod.
I know some Garmin watches have a virtual run activity (not my 5X) but they don’t use GPS. Could be they are more accurate anyway considering Zwift very poor coding abilities…

I’m not able to connect my Polar stride sensor with my Android phone. Anyone found a solution to that problem?

Have you changed the location settings as per the other threads?

I had, still didn’t work. So I reinstalled the app. Now it works! Thanks :pray::pray:

I can’t take the credit for that…Ooh go on then i will.

Run On!