Zwift running outdoors

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I jumped on the Zwift Run bandwagon at the beginning of the shutdown, even purchased a compatible treadmill (Bowflex). While I am thoroughly enjoying my treadmill runs, I want to carry it over to the outdoors, most specifically when I’m on vacation and no access to a treadmill.
I just purchased the Zwift Runpod and was looking to see if anyone has much experience with the runpod outside with Zwift app. I’m sure it will drain the battery quickly and will have to figure that out, but would it be better to run through Strava and just upload my run to Zwift? Will it work that way? Any help or tips are greatly appreciated!!

Zwift won’t let you upload an activity.

I run outside from time to time on Zwift when weather ouside is too nice for indoor. I have garmin foot pod as well as garmin HR monitor. My phone has ANT connection so both foot pod and HR works in zwift (I prefer HR strap more than broadcast HR from forerunner watch). It drain the phone battery quite fast . you need to keep the phone screen on all the time otherwise I found it 'pause" even you are still moving. So i need to carry phone on 1 hand. While i don’t watch screen all the time (make sense for outdoor and safety reason…) i check from time to time make sure the screen is still on and I don’t miss distance and also make sure i still have some battery left. 30 minutes run or around 5-6k seems to be OK, haven’t try more than that but I have plan for 10-15k run outdoor on zwift soon.


Hi. How are you doing? Could you please explain how to do it? I don’t know how to connect it.
Here I have a Android phone with zwift.
A garmin 920xt and a garmin footpod and heart rate strap. Thanks in advance.

Virtual run I suspect which the 920xt does not have.

It is just for the 945, 245 and the Fenix 6.

Yes I have a F6X sapphire am aware. I was simply pointing out probably the issue.

Yes you’re right!
But I thought that I could use an ANT APP on my phone and it would transmitted the information of my footpod and heart rate band to zwift.

You can use NPE CABLE or the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM to bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth.

I think a better explanation of your setup and devices would help us in helping you.

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Ok. Here it goes:
Phone: Moto G6 plus
Footpod garmin
Heart rate band
Garmin 920xt.

On my phone I have a ANT app and zwift.

The 920xt cannot be used with Zwift, but can be used at the same time since ANT+ allows multiple connections.
What ANT+ app? If it is to re transmit ANT+ data it will also not work

The Garmin foot pod is ANT+ and I am guessing you also have an ANT+ only Garmin HRM which is fine since Zwift on Android supports ANT+ connections: ZwiftGame Android FAQ (v.1.0.50775)

I’m using Zwift outdors a lot.
Got a Polar ANT + BTLE HR strap and a Stryd footpod which supports ANT+ and Bluetooth, too.
I’m using BT to connect HR and Stryd to my iPhone for Zwift and ANT+ to conect both to my Garmin Fenix.
This works fine, but, yes: using Zwift outdoors is a pain 'cause it still can’t be used if the app is sent to the background of iOS or the phone is locked. Without a powerbank I can use Zwift about 90 minutes until the battery is empty.
I’m using a 20000mA Powerbank for longer activities (mostly when I’m using Zwift during walks with my 8mo son in the stroller. Weight doesn’t matter in this case).
I REALLY would like to see the Zwift team improving the App for better usage outside…


Would be great to have voice queues and run update information. An option to select outside run. This would allow to keep the current running plan. Also be able to listen to music at the same time when playing the Zwift app.