GARMIN Run activities to sync TO Zwift

I would like to see sync option of Outdoor Run activities (recorded on Garmin / Strava) to Zwift. Like Zwift activities get synced to Garmin / Strava, why not vice versa?
Where I run it is mostly nice weather to run outside throughout the whole year and it’s nonsense to run on a treadmill.
As I am signed up for the Tri Academy and would like to complete my run workouts outside I would appreciate having the option to simply sync my GARMIN activity with HR and Footpod metrics and all of that TO Zwift.
Twice have tried easy run with Zwift on Android and apart from draining my phone battery to 20% in 1 hour I have lost the first run after stop > save…don’t know what happend
Thanks for the consideration of this option from the dev team :slight_smile:

Don’t think this will ever happen, Zwift want all activities done on their platform.

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Too bad. Maybe they will develop a GPS watch which can sync on the app :slight_smile:
Anyways easy running and watching bunch runners run on a screen isn’t truly what running should feel…doing a workout that’s a bit different but still not very enjoyable on a treadmill…

I bought an old iPhone with a broken screen (£22), put a new battery in it (£10 DIY) and installed Zwift.

I start the run in the house with WiFi, then turn airplane mode on, and run with the phone in a running belt. Following the run, I turn airplane mode off and then save the run. Battery usage after 45-50 minutes is around 20% from a full charge. It works for me.

I love my bike trainer but I loath the treadmill.

Too complicated :slight_smile:

  • You have to pair a Bluetooth foot pod with it as well…and hope it won’t mess the connectivity with my Garmin watch (although removed from Sensors) = lost a 20k long run due to this issue
    Also tried your advice with my old Android phone with 3GB RAM and it was responding very slow on touch + forgot to Save the run when home, instead did press the “Save” when still away from WiFi and there goes another 12k :smiley:
    Going for a run shouldn’t be so complicated…