Does it make sense to train all on Treadmill for race outside

I am training for a half marathon, and I can see the benefit to the training plan in swift, but wondering does it make sense to do the entire training plan inside then go out side for the actual race, in real world, with real conditions, and varying terrain and elevation changes…

And if want to do some outdoor training, is there anyway to incorporate even the long weekend run as an outdoor run and have it still track in zwift?

Agree. It would be helpful if Zwift could recognize that we’ve done an outdoor run, and then pull the data in from Strava or Garmin Connect, even if it only adds key metrics (time, distance, pace) to our Zwift account. Or perhaps have a “go fetch” function in Zwift that we can control as required? It would be great to have outdoor runs count towards our distance goals on Zwift. I understand why Zwift wants all those runs to happen on the TM, but it just means that for many people the Zwift totals will be incomplete or not representative if they run at all outdoors. Just an idea…


I’m not sure why Zwift would want to import data that hasn’t been obtained via it’s own program.

Zwift is Zwift

I think the line is being blurred with the functionality that Strava or Garmin Connect offers.


It’s possible to run outside with zwift. I use a wahoo tickr x and start both strava and zwift from my phone when starting running outside. With a proper setup of the cadence sensor in zwift, these two should match up. Currently for my part zwift registers 4.5 km for every 5 km I’m running outside.

Hopefully you’ve a good battery on your phone as running Zwift and GPS on Strava will drain the battery.
It is one way of getting the data into Zwift. Hopefully you don’t get halfway round and have an issue such as the app terminating or losing signal etc…

I know this is a super of topic, but I’ve just started the 13.1 plan and and thinking something similar, but more like they should maybe look into a component off zwift online. Like I would like to use the training program outside and have it to me if I’m going too fast or too slow using my foot pod or GPS. Right now I have to look at my screen to see if I’m on pace.

I tell you, I’d pay the subscription fee for that kind of service paired with regular zwift.