What about my outdoor rides?

(Aga Dwo) #1

Hey Zwift,

will it be possible in the future to upload my outdoor ridings on zwift? Maybe over garmin connect, strava or as a .gpx file?


(Nigel Doyle) #2

To do what?

About the only thing you can do is convert an outdoor ride into a workout so that your trainer changes resistance to simulate the hills etc you had outside. The terrain in Zwift however won’t match.

(Aga Dwo) #3

Nigel, I Nike to level up while riding in the Sun. So maybe a upload from Garmin my Data, containing powermeter and heartrate to earn some points;)

(Nigel Doyle) #4

LOL - that isn’t going to happen any time soon. To earn experience points on Zwift you have to ride on Zwift not the real world.

(Sebastian Oschek) #5

I also think this would be nice. In the Summer I ride most outside, so i can stay connected with the game in this time. 

Who rides @home while sunshine, exept Nigel Doyle?

(Gerrie Delport) #6

I agree with Nigel. Use strava or GC or Gloden cheetah or Sporttracks (I use them all LOL) to keep track of your training inside or outside. 


O and I ride 95% of all my rides indoor, between 4am and 7am even in summer.


(P MAC) #7

Would it be possible to convert all my confirmed kills on Call of Duty to when I deploy on operations to Afghanistan? I’ll be Audie Murphy! 

(Sebastian Oschek) #8

P MAC fail. You want to take the theory outside, i want to do it the other way….

(..Troy) #9

Aga/Sebastian I have a feeling that DC Rainmaker or Shane Miller have an article on just what you are asking. I think you run Zwift on your phone or something like that.( I may be wrong though)

However, I think to be fair, you should keep outside miles outside and Zwift miles inside. Outside miles are hard all year round, you need to be weather tough, big kudos, but so are inside miles if done honestly. Just a thought. 

(P MAC) #10

Too true. Just realised how much harder it is cycling outside after spending 12 months on zwift being stuck in a country where cycling outdoors would be tantamount to committing suicide. Forgot how much I detest headwinds, potholes and trucks. 

(Sebastian Oschek) #11

B Troy, to drive with a Handy on the Handlebar is an Option, but not a good one for rides above 4hours :wink:


P Mac I hate cars, trucks, holes as well. But spend my hole live indoor is too poor. So when I climb 2.000m outdoor it will be fine to record them for a achivement.

For Zwift is this Option also better, many People quit their account during the summer. when you can achive something, they wouldn’t and on shitty weather all indoor Drivers will be fine to have more riders online, because these People may drive then @home.